Coworking Europe Conference – Lisbon, Portugal


We visited lovely Lisbon, Portugal for the 2014 edition of the Coworking Europe Conference.

300 coworking enthusiasts from around the globe gathered at the Cinema Sao Jorge for the annual meeting of the most magical minds in the industry!

Each attendee brings such unique experience and expertise to the table, and the peer-to-peer learning opportunities are always the highlight of these conference events.


After an overview of the local coworking scene, we explored the impact of coworking on communities around the world with exciting updates from the USA, the UK, even Bangladesh, and the Balkans.

A presentation of the annual survey results from Deskmag confirms that we are still experiencing unprecedented growth and expansion worldwide.

David Canat from OuiShare in France discussed coworking in relation to the rest of the shared economy, while Oksana Zheleznova from Serebro Lab in Russia shared her observations about freelancers in a changing market.

Ashley Proctor of Foundery participated in a panel discussion about the art of managing growth without hurting the ‘soul’ of the community, something we are always trying to balance back in Toronto as we expand our coworking community. The keynote and panel topics were as diverse as the audience.


During the Unconference on Day Two we participated in an inspiring session specifically geared towards ‘creative’ coworking and artistic freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Our partnership with Creative Blueprint gives us much to contribute about the unique facilities requirements for creative professionals and the ways in which artists and entrepreneurs are actually more similar than most would assume. We also shared our experiences managing a contemporary art gallery, artist work studios and event programming for our coworking community.


No conference experience would be complete without a workshop with Alex Hillman and Adam Teterus from Indy Hall in Philadelphia. They entertained and educated, explaining how to grow participation and improve collaboration within coworking communities.

Day Three was capped off with a round of CoPass coworking space tours, and we had finally the opportunity to visit our coworking friends across Lisbon.

It was inspiring to meet so many other passionate pioneers, and we look forward to seeing them all again at the next global gathering – GCUC USA – in Berkeley in May of 2015.

You can find photos from our Lisbon adventure on the Foundery facebook page:

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