Members & Partners

Past and Present Foundery Members and Teams


Creative Blueprint

Studios, Services and Supports for Artists & Entrepreneurs. Visit our Artist Work Studios and the CB Gallery in The Foundery Buildings!


Coworking Toronto

Foundery is a proud member of the Coworking Toronto collective. Independent coworking communities from across Toronto collaborate to share best practices and to raise awareness about Coworking.




Real Escape Game Toronto

In a time of digital overload, the Real Escape Game introduces an interactive analog gaming experience, where the right measure of wit, persistence and teamwork win. Scrap Entertainment partnered with Company & Company to bring the Real Escape Game to Canada for the very first time.




Real Escape Game Team

These Foundery members are the ones that make the magic happen! Say hello to the spirits and storytellers downstairs…




FULLCC Music Group

Established in 2005 as Full Capacity Concerts – FULLCC has evolved into an elite firm providing 360°services for the world. With nearly fifty years of combined experience, the FULLCC team represents top tier talent in Music & Television.




GCUC Canada

The Global Coworking Unconference Conference is coming to Toronto September 16th-18th! Creative Blueprint produces GCUC Canada, and the the 2015 organizing team is based here at Foundery. Canadian website launches in March.






COHIP was created here at Foundery, and it is the first Coworking Health Insurance Plan. We have extended this program to all independent workers in Ontario via Coworking Ontario. All Foundery and Creative Blueprint Members are eligible for COHIP.


Basic CMYK

Coworking Ontario

Foundery is a proud member of the Coworking Ontario collective. Independent coworking communities from across Ontario collaborate to improve our communities and to provide COHIP for our members.



One of our favourite partners in Toronto! If you haven’t heard of FreshBooks, you better say hello to cloud accounting!
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