Recent grads should consider coworking — even without a job


Guest post by Jane Lytvynenko

Walking across the stage and shaking your educators’ hands as they pass you a diploma is nice, but it doesn’t pay the bills. The youth unemployment rate is double the adults’ and the sluggish job market is not helping. More and more young people turn to the freelance economy for an income and coworking holds the keys to success.

Often, recent grads don’t have much work experience. Making the grades in school in like a full-time job, which is why coworking should be the next step.

Even if the trade you studied in school depends on a team or external employers as opposed to supporting yourself, consider getting a part-time membership or day pass. The community and connections won’t let you down, even if you’re only there to send out resumes.

While drafting cover letters in your pyjamas may be an appealing prospect, there are better ways to go about the job search. If you’re looking to put together an effective resume, the coworking space is the best place to be. At the Foundery, there are artists, journalists, coders, businessmen, and entrepreneurs. Behind every desk there’s someone you can talk to and gain advice from; you never know who you’ll meet.

Making connections is key in playing the job market. If you spend one day per week sifting through job postings at a coworking space, chances are there’s someone there who would be able to recommend you. One of the members could make time on Friday afternoon to look over your application and lend words of advice.

Being exposed to Jacks of all trades can also help reshape your future. In the process of meeting brilliant coworking members you can fall in love with an idea you’ve never heard before. A business grad could become a coder, a coder could become an entrepreneur. You can meet like-minded, driven people and team up to create something entirely different.

So after you walk across the stage and receive a degree, consider searching for your job prospects in a coworking space. The guidance, experience, and exposure you will receive is unparalleled. The new community you will belong to will support you and the “experience” part of your resume will expand. Beats working in your pyjamas, any day.

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